How Do You Wolf Whistle?

How Do You Wolf Whistle?

Wolf whistling requires practice and patience. The goal is to make a high-pitched whistle that can be heard from afar. Wash your hands before placing fingers in the mouth.

  1. Prepare the mouth

    Move the lips and tongue around to prepare. This will loosen parts of the mouth in order to whistle properly. Position yourself in front of a mirror.

  2. Tuck in the lips

    Tuck in both lips over the upper and lower rows of teeth. Place two fingers of your choice over the lower lips and teeth. For instance, you can use an index finger and thumb, or the pinkies.

  3. Position the fingers

    The outer lips should be minimally visible. Maneuver the fingers in such a way that the fingernails are angled to the mouth's center. The fingers should pull the lip tightly as well. Place the tongue at the bottom of the mouth, and position it slightly away from the gums.

  4. Blow hard

    Fill the lungs with air, and exhale to get air to move over the tongue and lower lip. While blowing, press the tongue down and towards the teeth and sides of the lips.

  5. Practice whistling

    Keep practicing to achieve the desired whistle. Listen to the sound created, and keep experimenting with the tongue, teeth, fingers and lips.