Wlhat Is the Function of the Stamen?

wlhat-function-stamen Credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The stamen is the male reproductive organ in flowering plants. It consists of an anther, which is the site where pollen develops, and in most species, a filament.

The stamen is typically found in the center of the flower. The filament resembles a stalk and serves to hold the anther. It also aids the plant in moving water and nutrients to the anther and may also help to disperse the pollen.

Inside the anther, certain types of cells differentiate and eventually become pollen grains, while others contribute to the maturation process.Pollen grains contain the male gametes or sex cells of the plant. It consists of immature male gametophyte with a protective coating.

Pollination (or reproduction) occurs when the pollen (male) is taken from the anther to the receptive female part of the flower, called the stigma. Depending on the species, the stigma may be on the same flower or a different one. The stigma is often sticky to hold the pollen and is one of three components that make up the female reproductive organs of a flowering plant. The other two are the carpal and the ovary.

Flowering plants are the dominant type of plant species in the world today, numbering approximately 250,000 species.