Where Is the Windiest Place in the World?

windiest-place-world Credit: Laurence Dutton/Stone/Getty Images

According to the American Museum of Natural History, Antarctica is the windiest place on earth with winds that are regularly exceed 100 miles per hour. Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica regularly experiences winds in excess of 150 miles per hour.

Antarctica not only experiences global wind currents, it but creates currents of its own when cool airs dips from high elevations to lower ones. These winds are known as Katabatic winds. Antartica is not the only place on earth, however, with winds that top 100 miles per hour. During extreme weather conditions, Cap Blanco, Oregon, has had winds in excess of 125 miles per hour. Wellington, New Zealand is believed to be the windiest city on earth. The average wind speed there is about 18 miles per hour, and wind speeds higher than 154 miles per hour have been recorded in Wellington.