Where Is Wind Power Used Today?

wind-power-used-today Credit: Sungjin Kim/Moment/Getty Images

According to Discovery, in Jan. 2013, the top five countries for wind power were China, the United States, Germany, Spain and India. Italy, France, Canada, Brazil and Denmark rounded out the top 10. Wind power can be found almost anywhere on the globe where sustained winds regularly reach 13 miles per hour or faster.

Certain types of regions are more suited to wind generation than others. Flat, open plains are extremely well-suited to wind power generation because there are no mountains or other natural features to impede the airflow or trigger weather events that could disrupt sustained winds. The shoreline winds created by large bodies of water are also excellent for wind farms. Many countries are investing in offshore wind installations to take advantage of these natural features.

As of June 2014, the largest single wind farm in existence is the Gansu Wind Farm in China, which is capable of producing 5,160 megawatts of electricity. The largest offshore wind array is the London Array, which produces 630 megawatts off the coast of the United Kingdom. The proposed Dogger Bank wind farm, slated for a sand bank in the North Sea, would be the largest wind farm in existence at 9,000 megawatts of capacity.