What Does a Wildlife Biologist Career Involve?


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Wildlife Biologists monitor the habitat, population and evolution of various wildlife species. They study and maintain animal populations, and the job may include managing wetlands or forests and developing plans for the use of land and water. Wildlife biologists may also work to conserve endangered species and study how humans impact the environment.

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The responsibilities of wildlife biologists vary depending on the sector in which they choose to work. A wildlife biologist may choose to work in research, trapping and tracking various types of animals, or they might review data collected on animals to learn more about how they live, interact and migrate. Wildlife biologists may need to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues regarding the findings of their research to obtain funding for additional research or to make decisions about how to manage various wildlife issues. In some situations, a wildlife biologist might work in an educational capacity as a teacher or public speaker. To become a wildlife biologist, an individual must earn a bachelor's degree at minimum in forestry, zoology, wildlife conservation, botany, biology or similar topics. Those individuals wishing to have an advanced position in government or the private sector need to obtain a master's degree or doctorate.

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