What Do Wild Foxes Eat?


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The staples in the fox's diet are insects, bugs and various small invertebrates. They also eat mice, rabbits, hares, voles, lizards, birds and other small creatures, eggs, fruits and various plants. Foxes that live near the ocean feed on crabs and fish. Foxes follow an omnivorous diet, meaning they eat plants and animals. They are opportunistic eaters, eating whatever is available at a given place and time.

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When typical food isn't available, foxes have been known to scavenge through garbage cans for edible scraps. Foxes store their excess food by burying it so they can return to it later. On average, foxes consume 2.2 pounds of food every day.

Most foxes sleep during the day and go out hunting at night. Some foxes prefer to hunt during the day if it seems safer. They are keen hunters, due mainly to their excellent night vision. They sneak up on their prey by camouflaging themselves, and then they use their strong hind legs to pounce. Once they have captured their prey, they shake it viciously by the neck to kill it. Foxes can run up to 45 miles per hour, so escape is often difficult. Forest areas are the most common hunting grounds for foxes.

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