What Were the Dates of Full Moons in 2013?


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According to Universe Today, 2013 saw a full moon for each month of the year, for a total of 12. Every full moon of 2013 occurred toward the end of each of these months.

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The first full moon of 2013 was on Jan. 27, with the final full moon of the winter on Feb. 25. Spring 2013 saw full moons on March 27, April 25th and May 25. The summer's full moon dates were June 23, July 22 and Aug. 21. The year's final full moons occurred on Sept. 19, Oct. 18, Nov. 17 and Dec. 17. Each date is listed according to Greenwich Mean Time, or Universal Time.

While the moon only shows one face as it orbits the planet, the full moon is the only lunar phase in which the entirety of this face is visible, explains Space.com. This occurs when the moon is in opposition to the sun in its rotational orbit. During a full moon (and its converse, the new moon phase in which the moon is in between the earth and the sun and its face cannot be seen), the moon is lined up with the gravitational field of the sun. This causes massive gravitational pulls on earth, which produce higher tides on the planet's oceans.

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