What Are Some Well-Regarded Human Anatomy Books?


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Some well-regarded human anatomy books include Gray's Anatomy, Rohen's Color Atlas of Anatomy and Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy. Human anatomy is very thoroughly researched as of 2015, so more recent books improve upon older ones chiefly in terms of the quality of the illustrations, rather than by providing radical new information.

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Gray's Anatomy is one of the few biomedical books from its time period still in publication. The original edition, first published in 1858, was in its 40th edition 150 years later in 2008.

Gray's Anatomy is considered seminal, yet outdated. Although human anatomy has not changed much over the years, technological improvements in the art and science of illustration make the illustrations inferior to later books in terms of clarity. As of 2015, it is still regarded highly by doctors, medical historians and students, and is sold in retail outlets.

Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy is a collection of full-color anatomical paintings by Dr. Frank Netter, a medical illustrator who provided work for anatomy books throughout the 20th century. Netter's Atlas, first published in 1989, is still in use by medical students. His work is so highly regarded that he is compared to Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci in terms of his influence on the field of medical illustration and the beauty of his work.

Rohen's Color Atlas of Anatomy is also highly regarded and popular within medical education circles. Unlike the previous two works, Rohen's Atlas uses photographs of actual cadavers. This provides students with images that are closer to actual working conditions, aiding identification of body parts in the field. As of 2015, the Rohen Atlas and Netter's Atlas are the two most popular anatomy books for medical students.

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