What is the weight of Pluto?


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Pluto does not have a weight, because weight is a force exerted by one gravitational body on another gravitational body. The dwarf planet Pluto has a mass of 1.31 x 10^22 kilograms, and it's weight would depend on the acceleration at the surface of another planet.

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Pluto is less massive than the Earth by a factor of 456. It is so small, in fact, that astronomers reclassified it as a dwarf planet in 2008, because it does not exert enough gravitational force to evacuate small objects from it's orbit. A 100 pound human would weight just 6 pounds on Pluto.

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    How much does Pluto weigh?

    A: According to NASA, Pluto has a mass that is equal to 0.0022 that of Earth's, or 1.3 sextillion kilograms. This makes Pluto considerably less massive than, ... Full Answer >
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    How small is Pluto?

    A: Pluto has a volume of about 1.53 cubic miles, a radius of 715.2 miles, a surface area of 6.42 million miles and an equatorial circumference of 4,493.7 mile... Full Answer >
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    What is Pluto made of?

    A: Although no one knows exactly what Pluto is made of, most scientists agree that it is between 50 and 70 percent rock, with the remainder being composed of ... Full Answer >
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    How big is Pluto?

    A: Pluto has an average radius of 715 miles. The planetary body is 20 percent smaller than Earth and it has a diameter of 1,430 miles. Full Answer >
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