How Do You Weigh Yourself Without a Scale?

You can notice weight gain or loss by keeping track of how your clothes fit, being mindful of changes in your reflection in the mirror, noticing changes in your energy levels, and paying attention to the comments of others. Although these observations do not tell you your exact weight, they serve the same function as a scale.

  1. Notice the fit of clothes

    Keep track of your weight by noticing any changes in the fit of your clothes. Weight loss is indicated when clothes that were too tight start to fit comfortably.

  2. The reflection in the mirror

    Use the mirror to keep track of changes in your body weight. Pay attention to your reflection, as fluctuations in your weight are visible in the mirror.

  3. Monitor your fitness levels

    Feeling energetic is linked to higher fitness levels and loss in excess body weight. Keep track of your energy levels to monitor changes in your weight.

  4. Pay attention to comments

    Friendly comments from your family and friends alert you to changes in your weight. When you lose or gain weight, the comments you receive from others bring changes in your weight to your attention.

  5. Notice the space you take

    Be aware of the space you take on the train, in the car or at the movies. Taking up less space than before points to weight loss.