How Are Weather and Climate Similar?

Some of the similarities between weather and climate include how both refer to temperature and how they are not always the same everywhere. In addition, the weather and climate intersect in various ways, for example the climate dictates the weather in various locations.

Although the weather and climate intersect in many ways, these terms describe different phenomena. The weather changes on a daily basis, and it describes the atmospheric events that occur each day. For example, one day it can be cold and rainy, and the next it may be cold and dry. In contrast, the climate describes the pattern of weather over a set period of time. It varies across the world. For example, the climate in Australia is hotter throughout the year than the climate in Russia.

Unlike the climate, weather changes are short term. It may rain for a few moments, or it can be sunny for days. In contrast, the climate alters over a period of years. This includes seasonal changes, like places being warmer during the summer. It can also include changes that take place over many years, like the Earth becoming warmer. Finally, while weather acts in real time, climate is a measure of statistics taken over multiple decades.