What Are Some Ways to Use Urine Therapy to Balance the Body?


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Urine therapy, also known as urotherapy or urinotherapy, is a practice in which urine is used to treat medical issues such as cancer or other illnesses. Although some natural health practitioners swear by the medicinal properties in urine, there is no current scientific research or evidence to support these claims, states MedicineNet.

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Urine therapy involves drinking urine to heal the body from illness or ward off infection. In some indigenous cultures, urine is used in rituals to treat a variety of physical conditions, including skin cleaning and teeth whitening. But none of these folk remedies have ever been demonstrated to be effective healing or cleaning treatments. Some people believe that urine can be applied topically as a medicinal astringent, as evident in the common belief that urinating on jellyfish stings heals wounds. However, there is no medical evidence to suggest that urine treats any kind of injury, and applying urine to injured skin may actually exacerbate the injury, notes MedicineNet.

Some people believe that drinking urine works as an antidote to cancer because the body supposedly develops antibodies that fight off cancer cells. Although urine can contain tumor antigens, there is no evidence that drinking or applying urine to the body alleviates cancer symptoms or treats any other disease, says MedicineNet.

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