What Are Some Ways to Teach Kids About Landforms?


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Teach kids about landforms by having them create an imaginary world that includes selected landforms, by having them create a mini landforms dictionary or by making a 3-D model of the landforms in your area. Students need a list of landforms to include, a geography book with definitions of the landforms and arts and craft supplies.

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The kids should first research the landforms to ensure they understand the definitions. The imaginary world can be created on a large piece of white paper or cardboard. The children should color the world and add details with clay, markers or paint. Have the children label the landforms.

Create a 3-D model with clay or salt dough on cardboard. Look at a local map of your area and list the landforms. First, help the children draw the outline of your area on the cardboard. Then, they use their fingers to create the various contours of a landscape. When the landscape is fully formed and dry, paint and label the landforms.

If students are creating a landforms dictionary, the project should include a cover, a table of contents and a page for each landform. Each page should include a title, definition and a colorful illustration.

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