What Are Some Ways to Stay Warm in Winter?


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Dressing in layers, maintaining heat around the head, closing gaps in clothing and eating well are ways to stay warm outdoors in the winter. Despite cold outdoor temperatures, preventing sweating is also necessary.

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Layering is one of the most intuitive ways to remain warm in cold weather. However, there are a few caveats to keep in mind when layering. Too many or too tight layers, especially at the extremities, restrict blood flow and lead to a loss of warmth. Layers also lead to sweating, even in very cold weather. Sweat cools the body and causes discomfort in cold weather. Removing a layer or undoing ventilation zippers prevent excessive sweating.

Protecting the head and ears, which have a high concentration of blood vessels, helps with comfort on cold days. It is a myth that 40 percent of the body's heat escapes via the head, but the ears and face are vulnerable to cold and frostbite. Unless one is beginning to sweat, zipping up ventilation gaps and closing cuffs around wrists and ankles helps keep the whole body warmer because it traps warm air around the body.

Metabolism also plays an important role in body temperature. Keeping fed and hydrated during time outdoors is essential to maintaining body heat. High-calorie foods rich in proteins and healthy fats are a good choice for a winter day outdoors.

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