What Are Some Ways to Solve Chemistry Problems?


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Ways to solve chemistry problems include using online calculators, using dimensional analysis or using online tutorials and guides that direct students through solving specific types of chemistry problems. Many university websites, especially those managed by chemistry departments, feature these types of tutorials and guides.

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Calculators.org features a page titled "Online Chemistry Calculators" with links to calculators allowing students to type in figures and calculate solutions to problems dealing with acid-base reactions, chemical equilibrium, percentage composition, solution concentration and many other common chemistry problems.

Chem.TAMU.edu features an article on dimensional analysis, a method of solving problems by organizing them such that intermediate units cancel each other out so that the remaining units are only those units required in the solution. Dimensional analysis, sometimes called the unit factor method, is based on the fact that any number or expression can be multiplied by one without changing its value.

Chem.Perdue.edu features a page titled "How Do I Solve It?" with links to step-by-step instructions for solving many types of chemistry problems, such as those dealing with chemical equilibrium, electrochemistry, kinetics and solutions. Chem.Illinois.edu features an online tutorial on dimensional analysis as well as tutorials on limiting reactants, determining molecular formula, the Ideal Gas Law, titrations and many others.

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