What Are Some Ways to Save Trees?

Save trees by reducing paper consumption, reusing and recycling paper. Also choose products that do not come from paper, or those that require less paper.

Reduce the amount of paper consumed by modifying daily habits. Read the newspaper and magazines online. Take only one paper napkin at restaurants instead of a handful. Switch to cloth napkins and rags instead of paper towels. Avoid purchasing overly packaged products. Get off junk mail lists. Switch to paperless statements and billing.

Reusing paper prevents more trees from being cut down to create new paper. Use envelopes as scratch paper. Save tissue paper and gift wrap to use again. Use newspaper as wrapping paper. Set up a magazine swap with friends or neighbors. Use a receipt or postcard as a bookmark. Use shredded papers for litter boxes or bird cages. Look for ways to reuse paper that has already been produced before recycling it.

Recycling paper also means fewer trees must be harvested to keep up with demand. Simply toss paper into a recycling bin, and let it go off to be turned into more paper. Purchasing recycled paper and products made from recycled paper saves trees and is as important as actually recycling paper.