What Are Some Ways to Reduce Ozone Depletion?

GreenDiary states that driving less, using eco-friendly household products and avoiding agricultural chemicals are three ways to reduce ozone depletion. All of these suggestions would help a person pollute the ozone layer less by limiting that person’s use of toxins.

Driving a private car less often would reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the air. A person can reduce ozone depletion by choosing to carpool or by taking public transportation. Walking or riding a bike does not cause smog, which deteriorates the atmosphere. If someone must use a car, then a better option would be to change the car's engine to an electric zero-emission or hybrid engine. Mother Earth News claims that chlorofluorocarbons, CFCs, cause 80 percent of ozone depletion. CFCs are found in car air conditioners, refrigerator fluid and foam insulation. Household cleaners that contain CFCs are used for camera lenses and electronic equipment. Many people use herbicides and pesticides to get rid of pests and weeds in their gardens. In 1998, the Sierra Club pointed out that the pesticide chemical methyl bromide was the cause for between 5 and 10 percent of global ozone depletion. The Environmental Protection Agency confirms that the use of methyl bromide was phased out in 2005 because it significantly depleted the stratospheric ozone layer.