What Are Some Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution?

Creating a vegetation barrier around one's home significantly reduces noise pollution. Shrubs and trees absorb sound, preventing any noise from reaching residential areas. Reducing noise pollution is important because unwanted noise can elevate blood pressure, impair cognitive functioning and reduce one's overall feelings of happiness.

Noise pollution can be reduced by adding weather stripping and double-paned windows to homes in areas located near heavily trafficked roads. Soundproofing loud rooms helps keep the noise from traveling into the sleeping areas. Moreover, relocating noisy machines such as air conditioners and generators away from sleeping areas also reduces noise pollution.

Active citizens can ask their local city board to ban the use of horns in residential areas. Many cities have followed this regulation to decrease unnecessary noise. For example, it's illegal to sound a car horn in New York City unless in the event of an emergency.

One can keep the television off when not watching it to reduce noise pollution. The constant background noise of a television is distracting and may provoke unnecessary stress.

For those individuals who cannot eliminate noise pollution, they can block unwanted noises using stress-reducing sound machines. The calming noises quiet the invading noise pollution to create a harmonious environment.