What Are Some Ways to Recycle?


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Nearly everyone can recycle household products made from glass, plastic, cardboard, paper and aluminum via a local recycling center. Consumers can recycle more materials by selecting easy-to-recycle items when shopping. By recycling, citizens help conserve natural resources and improve the environment of their communities and the world.

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To begin recycling, a person must first find a recycling center near him. Larger cities have recycling centers located throughout the city, but some smaller towns do not have recycling centers. After finding a recycling center, a person should set up a recycling bin in his own home. Paper, plastic, metal and glass can all be recycled and should not be thrown away. These items can be placed into a recycling bin and taken to a recycling center for proper disposal.

Shoppers can buy easily recycled products at the store by looking for products with packaging such as glass jars or tin cans. Citizens can also buy products packaged with recycled materials to help further reduce waste and protect the environment. Consumers should avoid products made from hazardous materials.

While many people think mostly of plastics, glass and paper when recycling, kitchen waste can also be recycled by composting it. This provides an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way to fertilize a garden.

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