What Are Some Ways to Protect the Earth?


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Recycling newspapers, changing light bulbs and appliances, maintaining vehicles and planting trees are all ways to help protect the Earth. "Up-cycling," recycling and re-purposing many everyday items also contributes to reduced waste, energy efficiency and greener living.

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More than 63 million newspapers are printed in the United States each day, with approximately 44 million being thrown away instead of recycled. If readers recycle just one day's worth of newspapers, more than 500,000 trees would be saved each week, allowing them to continue to reduce pollution in the air, and helping to keep the land and ecosystems intact around them.

Changes in light bulb choice result in a decrease of at least two-thirds less energy used. Compact fluorescent bulbs last 10 times longer than regular light bulbs and use a fraction of the energy, lowering pollution, energy use and consumer utility cost. When shopping for new appliances, select those that are Energy Star-certified. These appliances and electronics have met Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy guidelines for pollution reduction and energy efficiency.

Basic vehicle maintenance contributes to protecting the Earth by reducing pollution, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering the number of tires disposed of each year. Inflating tires to required weights and changing air filters both decrease emissions and increase fuel mileage, vehicle performance and tire life.

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