What Is the Best Way to Study and Memorize the Skeletal System?

Songs and word associations are some effective ways to learn the names of all the bones in the skeletal system. Other effective tools include games.

One example of a song that helps students learn the names of bones in the skeletal system is "Give Me Some Bones." The bones in this song are associated with the axial skeleton. The song also teaches some bone physiology.

Another useful song is called "Appendicularly Speaking." This song goes through the bones associated with the appendicular skeleton. The song features breaks and musical shifts to help students memorize the names of the bones.

Putting a whole skeleton together from a bag of bones is another useful tool. Students should touch and name the bones before putting them together. Along with this activity, or separately, students should learn to associate the names of bones with something else. For instance the scapula is shaped line an ice scraper. The words "scapula" and "scraper" sound similar.

A beginner's game for learning the names of bones is featured on ABCYa.com. The interactive game teaches the main bones of the body. Students click on the name and drag it to the bone on a skeleton.

"Whack-a-Bone" is a more advanced game for learning the names of the bones. Students have to build parts of the body with the appropriate bones. When finished, they get to "whack" the skeleton.