What Are Some Water Testing Laboratories?

What Are Some Water Testing Laboratories?

Babcock Laboratories, National Testing Labs and Intertek laboratories are some water testing laboratories. Garden State Laboratories is also a water testing laboratory with several locations.

Babcock Laboratories provides testing for waste water, drinking water, groundwater and stormwater. They also provide food product and beverages biological testing. The facility provides test results in various formats. Clients can contact the laboratory for more information.

National Testing Labs have been serving homeowners for over 25 years. They offer packages for testing water from public water supplies and private wells. The facilities test water for bacteria and other contaminants, such as arsenic, that can cause illnesses. The laboratories also provide State Certified Analysis for compliance audits.

Intertek laboratories provide water quality analysis for many industries including petroleum, food and manufacturing. The laboratories offer sea water analysis and marine potable water quality testing. The laboratories' testing capabilities vary by location. Customers can contact Intertek laboratories to find out which facility best meets their water testing requirements.

Garden State Laboratories are independent water, environmental and food testing laboratories. They test drinking water, soils, waste water and dairy products for bacteriological and other chemical contaminants. Garden State Laboratories also analyze recreational bathing waters including swimming pools, hot tubs and lakes for chemicals and bacteria. They have sample drop-off locations throughout the state of New Jersey. Garden State Labs is certified in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.