What Is Water Pollution Information for Kids?

Water information for children relays important information on water pollution, such as sources and methods of potential treatment, in a manner that is easy to comprehend. Water pollution stems from several sources and is attributed primarily to human activity. Children should learn that water is a finite natural resource and that pollution of existing water supplies carries significant risks for environmental damage and poor health.

Information on water pollution, when relayed to children, may consist of factual information and fun facts. For instance, they can be taught that water is one of the oldest resources on Earth and that the water sources used to support the lives of humans and animals, and human economic activities, are the same sources used by dinosaurs and early life forms. Children may also be taught that humans are primary contributors to water pollution around the world. Business and corporations, as well as individual citizens and private households, contribute to lowering water quality levels by dumping toxic chemicals and waste products into rivers, oceans and lakes. Children may also learn that some water pollution is accidental but other instances are intentional. According to Kids Ecology Corps, a lesson on water pollution may include an introduction to and overview on acid rain, which perpetuates the pollution cycle.