What Are Some Water Conservation Methods?

water-conservation-methods Credit: ZenShui/Frederic Cirou/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Getty Images

Some water conservation methods include saving, storing and recycling water, and reducing usage. Water conservation also refers to methods of diverting rivers and streams into reservoirs or ponds to capture runoff.

It is critical to conserve water in arid areas, such as the Southwest, and water agencies are continually searching for new water resources to supply the water needs of growing communities. Cities and farms work together to find methods to improve the usage of existing supplies through innovative management of water resources and the use of new technology.

Homeowners can conserve water during hot summer months by aerating lawns, and using a combination of compost and mulch on flower beds to prevent rapid evaporation. Gray water systems can be installed to collect waste water from bathtubs, washers, sinks and lavatories.

Some water conservation programs offer monetary rebates to individuals willing to have water audits performed at their commercial, institutional or industrial facilities. To qualify, customers might have to commit to making recommended adjustments to their water systems or equipment settings and fixing any leaks detected.

Water conservation methods reduce energy requirements for water services and decrease the need and expense for water infrastructure, thereby ensuring clean water for the future.