How Do You Watch the Draconid Meteor Shower?


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Unlike other meteor showers, the Draconid meteor shower is not confined to a specific area of the sky, so the best way to watch them is to find a location away from the lights of the city, lie back on a blanket, and prepare to spend at least two hours gazing at the sky. When sky-gazing for the Draconid meteors it's best to point your feet in a north-to-northwest direction.

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How Do You Watch the Draconid Meteor Shower?
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Associated with the constellation Draco, the Draconid meteors are primary seen from the Northern Hemisphere. They occur in the month of October and are sometimes referred to as the Giacobinids. This meteor shower usually offers no more than a few meteors per hour, even when you watch during peak time. They also tend to cross the sky very slowly.

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