What Is Washing Powder Made Of?

washing-powder-made Credit: 97/E+/Getty Images

Washing powder is soap in a powdered form that is mixed with alkaline builders. Manufacturers have developed new and advanced laundry detergents over the years. The primary laundry detergents on the market are available in liquid and powder form. Both contain the same ingredients, except for the type of filler used. Liquid and powder detergents offer a similar cleaning action and the choice depends on personal preference.

The advantages of powdered detergents over liquid ones are the cheaper cost, and the packaging in eco-friendly cardboard boxes that are better for the environment. Some disadvantages are that sodium sulphates, present in washing powder, can damage septic systems and powders contain a lot more chemicals than liquid detergents as they contain fillers.

Individuals who prefer liquid detergents enjoy the advantages of a soap that is pre-dissolved and can be applied directly to items of clothing as a pre-treatment method for stubborn stains. The disadvantages of liquid detergents are the higher price, and the plastic packaging which is considered to be less of an eco-friendly choice.

Liquid and powdered detergents generally serve the same purpose. However, liquid detergents are more effective on oily and greasy stains, while powdered detergents work out to be a more cost effective option per load of washing.