What Do Warthogs Eat?

Warthogs are grazers, which means they mostly eat grass. They also eat roots and bulbs.

During wet seasons when there is a lot of grass this is what they usually eat. They find their food in the dry season by digging. They use their snouts and their feet to dig, and they sometimes kneel down on their wrists to get lower. They have pads on their wrists to prevent them from damage. The food they are digging for includes roots, bulbs and rhizomes.

When it comes to water, they are very resilient. In the dry season they can go for several months without drinking anything.

Warthogs are part of the same family of animals as the domestic pig. Their most striking features are the four large tusks that curl up from the sides of their faces. These are primarily used for digging, but are sometimes employed in combat against other warthogs, or against encroaching predators. They also have bumps on their faces and some bristly hair. These features make them look like aggressive meat-eaters, but plants are the only things in their diet.

Warthogs are found in Africa, and live for around 15 years. They grow to about 30 inches tall and weigh up to 250 pounds.