How Do You Find the Volume of a Shape?

To find the volume of a shape, apply and solve the right volume formula that correlates with the specific shape in question. Some different shapes might be a cube, cylinder, pyramid or cone.

Finding the volume means determining how much liquid a given shape can hold. Different shapes have different formulas that are used to find the volume.

Step 1: Determine the shape and find the correct formula

Look at the shape to determine what type it is. A pyramid, for example, is a three-dimensional triangle while a cube is a three-dimensional square. Then, find the right formula for that shape. For instance, the volume formula for a pyramid is 1/3 x base area x height. The correct formula for a cube is simply length x width x height, or side3.

Step 2: Solve the formula

To solve the formula, simply plug in the correct numbers into their place in the formula. For example, a pyramid with a base area of 18 centimeters squared and a height of 5 centimeters would have a formula of 1/3 x 18 x 5. This is equivalent to a volume of 30 centimeters3. A cube with a side measuring 2 inches would have a volume of 8 inches3. This is found by plugging 2 into the formula, 23.