What Is the Volume of the Earth?

The volume of the Earth is 1.44 x 10^21 cubic yards or 2.63 x 10^10 cubic miles. This is found by taking the diameter of the Earth, which is roughly 7,962 miles at the equator, and applying the formula, V = 4/3 pi r^3.

A cubic mile can be thought of as a cube that is one mile long, one mile high and one mile deep. Visualizing 10^10, or ten billion cubic miles, is very difficult. By comparison, the volume of the moon is 5.25 x 10^8 cubic miles, or only 2 percent of the volume of the Earth. Big as it is, the Earth pales in comparison to a truly massive planet like Jupiter. The volume of Jupiter is 1,321 times larger the volume of the Earth.