What Is Visual Pollution?

visual-pollution Credit: Peter Behler/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Visual pollution is the presence of any unwanted sight that can ruin the aesthetic appeal of a specified area. Visual pollution is especially strong in city and urban areas.

Visual pollution can be present in any area from the home to a hectic city street. It can be bad shadow on a television camera, or it can be a large pile of trash on the side of the road that interrupts the view of nearby mountains. Visual pollution is dependent on the person and the situation. For example, one person may not mind seeing a city street lined with thousands of billboards and advertisements, while another person may be bothered by this sight and may prefer to look at an uncluttered country road.

Depending on the situation, it can be hazardous to drivers and other people. A building that is made entirely of glass can reflect sunlight, creating visual pollution for the people driving by the building. Billboards and advertisements on highway roads can be a visual pollution issue that causes drivers to become distracted while traveling on roadways. These distractions and issues can be fatal and can lead to automobile accidents as a result of the seconds it takes to look at a billboard.