What Is a Virtual Wheel Simulator?


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A virtual wheel simulator is a program that allows viewers to see what different types of wheels may look like on a car or truck. Many wheel retailers have a virtual wheel simulator on their website where visitors may choose a vehicle and see the range of custom wheels that are available for that make and model. Some virtual wheel simulators require download but allow further customization of the car with rims, suspensions and stickers.

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Some downloadable virtual wheel simulators can use a photo of the car in a JPEG or bitmap format so the owner may see exactly how a wheel looks on his car. Online simulators may or may not be able to upload a photo, and they may not have the exact make, model and year of car that the customer wants. Both online and offline simulators may have computer and browser requirements, and some may also require an email subscription.

Virtual wheel simulators are different from wheel simulators, which are a physical product that snaps or bolts on to a car's existing wheels to update its look. They provide a cheaper alternative to replacing steel wheels with chrome- or aluminum-alloy wheels, which can cost up to several thousand dollars depending on the size and if the wheel can spin.

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