What Vein Are Intravenous Injections Most Often Given To?

Due to its accessibility, the most common vein used as the injection site for the intravenous administration of liquid-based substances is the median cubital vein, according to RedOrbit. This vein is also known as the median basilic vein.

Intravenous treatment of patients involves direct injection of a substance into the bloodstream through a vein. The infused substances generally include blood or blood byproducts, volume expanders, medications and nutritional fluid solutions.

In IV therapy, peripheral veins, or the veins situated away from the chest and abdomen, are often the first option as injection sites. For instance, the median cubital vein is located in the upper limb, particularly in the elbow pit, which is the triangular region found on the frontal side of the elbow. This vein is also the conventional choice for venipuncture, which is the process of obtaining a blood sample by puncturing a vein, as noted by Healthline.