What Is a Vascular Shunt?

Vascular shunting is a temporary implant of a small hollow plastic tube into a healthy section of an injured blood vessel to restore blood flow in the area before a permanent repair is made, according to TechLink. The shunt is removed before the permanent repair is made.

Extreme vascular injury results in hemorrhaging, restriction of blood flow or other life-threatening injury. A vascular shunt allows the condition of the blood vessel to improve while awaiting surgical repair. Vascular shunting is widely used in age-related vascular constrictions resulting in vascular disease, says TechLink. The U.S. Air Force has devised a variation that allows this procedure to be performed during military maneuvers and on severe injuries suffered by soldiers and civilians.

While further studies are needed to gauge its true effectiveness in cases of injury, its use is stated to not cause worse outcomes for the individual, according to the 'Journal of Vascular Surgery.'