What Are the Various Types of Comets?


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The various types of comets include short-period comets, long-period comets, single-apparition comets and sungrazers. Comets are normally classified according to the amount of time they take to go around the sun.

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Below are some details regarding the various types of comets in existence.

  1. Sun-grazers
  2. These are comets that normally move straight into the sun where they either hit it or disintegrate while on the way.

  3. Short-period comets
  4. These are comets that take less than 200 years to go around the sun.

  5. Long-period comets
  6. These are comets that take more than 200 years to orbit the sun.

  7. Single-apparition comets
  8. These are comets that do not necessarily orbit the sun but may move into other areas in space.

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