What Are the Varieties of the Butterfly Bush?


The butterfly bush, or Buddleia davidii, comes in several varieties and colors. Some varieties include Lockinch, Petite Indigo, White Profusion, Miss Ruby and Blue Chip.

The butterfly bush is a large, arching shrub that can grow to between 6 to 12 feet tall. This plant blooms in mid-summer and lasts through the fall. The butterfly bush is popular because of its ability to attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

The Lockinch variety of butterfly bush is a spreading shrub with long shoots and leaves. The blooms on this variety are a blue-violet color. The Petite Indigo is a smaller-sized bush with narrow leaves and light-blue flowers. The White Profusion is a very large plant with white flower spikes; it can grow up to 15 feet wide. The Miss Ruby variety is named for its deep pink blooms. It also has a pleasing fragrance. These varieties of butterfly bush also serve nicely to provide cut flowers for arrangements.

Most varieties of the butterfly bush are considered to be invasive, except for the Blue Chip variety. The Blue Chip is smaller than many of the other varieties and displays blueish-purple flowers. It is considered to be non-invasive because the male plant does not produce pollen and produces very few seeds.