Where Does Valero Gas Come From?

Valero gas comes from a wide range of sources, including domestic sources, such as Texas and North Dakota oilfields, as well as foreign sources, such as Mexico and Venezuela. The company produces many gasoline products, such as diesels, jet fuels and natural gases.

Valero Energy Corporation began in 1980 as a small, independently run energy company, and it is now a Fortune 500 company with over 6,800 locations throughout the U.S. and U.K with its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. The company produces a number of different types of gasoline products. It manufactures a regular, conventional gasoline formula, as well as a reformulated gasoline line of products, including winter, summer, Arizona-specific and California-specific blends. Valero also produces a brand of gasoline that features very low sulfur levels, specifically designed for the state of Georgia. In addition, the company makes a gasoline that features enhancing additives designed to clean out a car's fuel injectors and other components as it is being used.

As of 2014, Valero has 10 plants in the U.S., with multiple locations in the state of Iowa, including Albert City, Charles City, Fort Dodge and Hartley. There are also plants in Albion, Nebraska; Aurora, South Dakota; Bloomingburg, Ohio and Jefferson, Wisconsin. Two plants are in Linden and Mount Vernon, which are both located in the state of Indiana. Many of these facilities were built recently. For example, construction of the plant in Mount Vernon was completed in November 2010, and its grand opening was celebrated in April 2011.