What Is Usually Included in a Tooth Anatomy Diagram?


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A tooth anatomy diagram shows the parts of the crown and the root. The crown is the part that is above the gum line and is covered in enamel, which protects the inner workings of the tooth. The diagram shows the outline of the enamel layer and the dentine, which actually runs from the crown to the root. The pulp is found under the dentine and runs from just about even with the gum line down to the root.

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The root section shows the bottom part of the pulp cavity and how it connects to the nerves and blood vessels in the jaw bone. It shows the cementum, the tissue that connects the root firmly to the gums and jaw. The periodontal ligament also helps hold the tooth in place. The gums are also noted, which gives a better perspective on where each feature relates to the gum line.

More elaborate tooth anatomy drawings sometimes divide the tooth into the crown, the neck, which is a short section just above the gum line, and the root. Drawings may show the structure of the bone and even place the tooth, usually a molar, in line with other teeth in a simulated jaw bone.

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