What Are Some Uses for Water?


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Some uses for water are cooking, cleaning, cooling, growing farm crops and providing energy. The mining and manufacturing industries use water for processing ores, refining petroleum and making things such as paper and steel. Medical uses include hydrotherapy, kidney dialysis and delivering medications intravenously.

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Cooking methods that use water include boiling and steaming. Soups, juices, sauces and even solid foods contain water. Water is necessary for bathing, as well as washing clothes, dishes, floors and vehicles.

Water has been used as a source of energy for centuries. Water wheels can drive a millstone for grinding grain, casting iron and crushing mined ore. Because water conducts electricity, it is a major source of electrical power today.

Medical professionals use water to cleanse wounds and sanitize their hands. Hydrotherapy involves using hot tubs, whirlpools and physiotherapy tanks to relieve pain and treat burns. Hospitals commonly hook patients up to bags of water with salt or sugar to deliver medications and nutrients through a blood vessel.

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