What Are the Uses of Silicon Tetrafluoride?

Silicon tetrachloride is used to manufacture glass-based products in different technological industries. The British Columbia Institute of Technology states that silicon has been used in glass manufacturing since 1500 B.C. More recently, silicon tetrachloride has been used to make products such as military smokescreens and optical fiber waveguides.

Engineers utilize the chemical properties of silicon tetrachloride in military technology in the form of smokescreens. X China Patent states silicon tetrachloride must be hydrolyzed to produce smokescreens. This process includes heating up silicon tetrachloride that has been added to distilled water. Once the water evaporates, a fine silica powder is left to dry. When this powder containing silicon tetrachloride is released into the air, it emits a large cloud of smoke-like white vapor. In this form, silicon tetrachloride is used to shield military vessels from enemies.

The military is not the only entity that relies on the combustible property of silicon tetrachloride. Eter Biometric Technologies explains that single glass strands can be produced when silicon tetrachloride reacts with oxygen. Optical fibers act as dielectric waveguides, with light flowing through these small fibers in the way water flows through a tube. These optic fibers illuminate technology manufactured for use in the telecommunications, medical, and security industries.