What Are Some Uses for Nickel Acetate?


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Nickel acetate is used as a mordant in the textile industry, a solution for electroplating nickel, a catalyst for hydrogenation and a sealer for anodized aluminum. Nickel acetate serves as an intermediate chemical for other nickel compounds. The hazardous chemical forms green crystals as a solid salt, and nickel acetate smells like acetic acid when vaporized.

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A mordant in the textile industry fixes the color to the fabric. Mordants are usually metallic compounds that combine with the organic dye to form a colored compound in the fiber that does not wash out in water. Nickel acetate is a catalyst for the dyeing process.

Nickel acetate is a catalyst for reactions to produce acetylene and ethylene compounds. The chemical catalyzes solutions of zinc to get zinc metal and zinc salts to fall out of solvents as the heavier substances settle to the bottom of the container during the reaction. Nickel acetate causes bubbles to form when zinc is added to the solution.

During electroplating, nickel acetate serves as the solution in which electrodes are placed. When electric current runs through the nickel acetate solution, nickel ions migrate to one of the electrodes to form a thin covering over another metal. This layer of nickel protects other metals from corrosion.

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