What Are Uses of Guava Leaves?

uses-guava-leaves Credit: Alan Wu/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Guava leaves are used primarily to make herbal tea, certain cosmetic and beauty products, and for medicines. Guava leaves, like the fruits and other parts of the plant, are considered safe for human consumption. The leaves of these tropical plants contain an abundance of minerals and antioxidants, which makes them suitable for adding to medicines, teas and cosmetic products.

As with the fruits and flowers, the leaves of guava trees may be used in raw or processed form. They are often ground and mashed to create potent teas and are refined to produce extracts, which in turn create creams, lotions, and additives for tablets and pills.

According to WebMD, Guava leaves contain high levels of Vitamin C and fiber, along with essential oils rich in titerpenoides, aromandreno, beta bisabolene, nerolidiol, flavonoids and carotenoids. They are also considered potent natural pain relievers and are used to alleviate symptoms from a variety of health conditions. They are added to medicines designed to alleviate symptoms of digestive problems caused by colic, diarrhea and chronic illnesses.

Guava leaves are also added to medicines prescribed to control diabetes, suppress coughs, treat cataracts and to reduce high cholesterol, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Leaf extracts are also added to some weight loss products, as they prevent complex starches from converting into sugar upon ingestion.