What Are the Uses of the Guava Leaf?

Guava leaves are ingested in pill or tea form as a weight loss aid, to lower blood glucose levels in diabetics, to lower cholesterol, to treat diarrhea, to help treat dengue fever, to reduce allergies, to increase sperm production and to treat infection and wounds. In addition, guava leaves have been used topically to treat black spots and acne, to remove blackheads, as an anti-aging concoction and to relieve itchiness.

Guava leaves can also be used as a natural hair loss remedy. For this purpose, a handful of guava leaves must be boiled for 20 minutes in a liter of water and then massaged into the scalp. Guava leaves are full of antioxidants, beneficial tannins and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents. Guava leaves are thought to be a natural pain reliever.

Drinking guava leaf tea for a twelve-week period lowers blood sugar levels in the body without increasing insulin production, reducing the effects of diabetes. Drinking guava leaf tea for three months also leads to reduction in bad cholesterol, or LDL, without any effect on good cholesterol, or HDL. Guava leaf supplements are available for purchase in the form of capsules as well as in the form of guava leaf tea.