What Are Some Uses for the Element Neon?

Neon is combined with helium to manufacture helium-neon lasers, and it is used to produce high voltage indicators and advertising signs. Neon can also be combined with argon to make neon lamps that are used in direct current or alternating current indicators, plasma televisions and monitors, indicator lights, numeric indicators and mechanical scan televisions.

The element neon was discovered by English chemist Morris M. Travers and Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsey in 1898, which was not long after their discovery of krypton. Neon makes up 0.0018 percent of Earth's atmosphere, and it is the fourth most plentiful element found in the universe. It has an atomic weight of 20.1797, a density of 0.000899 grams per cubic centimeter and it is assigned the atomic number 10 on the period table of elements.