What Are the Uses of DMF Solvent?

DMF, or dimethylformamide, is an industrial solvent commonly used for chemical reactions. The main use of DMF is as a solvent that has a low evaporation rate.

DMF is used in the production of acrylic fibers, films, plastics, synthetic leathers and surface coatings. It is also important in the manufacture of various adhesives. This substance is popularly used in pharmaceuticals as a solvent in peptide coupling, where it is needed as a crystallization medium.

DMF is also a significant component in paint strippers. This chemical has the ability to make plastic swell, which is useful in paint strippers. DMF is regularly used as a catalyst in acyl halide synthesis. Since industrial acetylene gas cannot be stored without the possibility of exploding, DMF is used to dissolve pure acetylene gas so it can be stored safely in metal containers. In addition, DMF is a common tool in many research laboratories. When used as a solvent, DMF can be helpful in a procedure called electrospinning.

DMF is known to be extremely hazardous to a person or animal's health. With a little exposure, DMF may cause damage to the liver, lungs and kidneys. Acute exposure to DMF can also cause skin problems such as rashes and dermatitis.