What Are Some Uses of Carbon?

Carbon is a good lubricant, and it is the key component of steel. Carbon is also used as a decorative tool in jewelry items. It is more commonly used as a base for ink, such as that found in inkjet printers.

Carbon has many more uses that are less commonly known. Carbon polymers are what comprise plastics. Carbon is used to form carbon dioxide, which is used in many drinks to give them their fuzzy and bubbly appearance and taste. Carbon paper is made from carbon. Carbon is used to make shoe polishes and perfumes. Carbon is transformed into Freon, which is used in cooling devices such as air conditioners.

Carbon is also used to produce heat resistant tools and metal cutting tools. Charcoal is used by art students all around the world. It is used as fuel to light bar-b-que grills for cooking. Many foods are made up of carbon, and humans consume an average of 300 grams of carbon per day. Digestion helps to break these carbons down into molecules so that they are easily absorbed into the walls of the stomach or the intestines. From there, the body uses these molecules by releasing the energy they contain.