How Do You Use a Precision Gyroscope?


To use a traditional precision gyroscope, you must insert one end of a piece of string into the pre-drilled hole that is located on the device's inner vertical bar before winding the entire string around the bar. Pull on the string in one swift motion to make the gyroscope spin.

  1. Wrap the string around the bar

    Gyroscopes are manufactured with a small hole drilled into the spin axis, the device's inner vertical bar. Insert 1/2 inch of one end of the string that came with the gyroscope into that hole before wrapping the entire string around the spin axis so that it spans the entire bar.

  2. Pull the string

    Hold the gyroscope around its circular frame before grabbing the other end of the string and pulling on it swiftly until the string completely unwinds and detaches itself from the now spinning axis.

  3. Mount the gyroscope

    Each end of the gyroscope's spin axis has a different type of notch. Once the device is spinning, mount the end with a slit-type notch onto the stand that was shipped with the gyroscope or on a tightly held string in an upright position. Mount the end with a concave-type notch onto a pointed object, such as the tip of a sharpened pencil, or even the included stand in an angled position.