How Do You Use a Microscope?


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To use a microscope, one moves the revolving turret so that it is at its lowest magnification setting and puts the sample into the stage clips. The focus knobs and the revolving turret are used to focus and magnify the image farther.

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When adjusting the focus and magnification, the slide must never touch the lens of the microscope. Microscopes usually have multiple magnification settings, and the revolving turret can be used to change those settings so that the sample is magnified more. Microscopes also have two focus knobs: coarse and fine. The coarse focus knob brings the object of view into the focal plane, and the fine focus knob makes small adjustments to the focus once the object of view is in range. The slide should be prepared with a cover slip to protect both the sample and the lens of the microscope.

The condenser on a microscope can be used to adjust the light that illuminates the sample. More light can help make the sample more visible, but too much light can have the opposite effect. When the microscope is not in use, the sample stage should be lowered all the way down, the lowest power lens should be in position and the microscope should be covered.

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