How Do You Use a Micrometer?


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To read a micrometer, place the item being measured between the spindle and the anvil. Turn the ratchet until the anvil and spindle are touching the object evenly. Spin the ratchet for three clicks to lock it. Read the numbers on the micrometer to get the measurements of the item.

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There are two sets of numbers on the micrometer used to determine the size of an object. The first set of numbers is located on the sleeve and the second set of numbers is located on the thimble. The numbers located on the sleeve are whole numbers that are separated by four lines or separated into quarters. For example, if the thimble stops at three lines past the three, then the measurement would be 3.75 inches.

The numbers shown on the thimble are added to the number on the sleeve. The number to select from the thimble is the one that lines up with the line on the sleeve. These numbers are set behind the decimal point. For example, if the number that lined up with the sleeve was 50 for a measurement of 3.75 inches, then the two values would be added. This would be read as 3.75 inches plus 0.50 inches, or 4.25 inches.

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