How Do You Use a Meade Telescope?


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To use a Meade telescope, locate a dark site, extend the legs of the tripod to a comfortable viewing height and then attach the telescope to the tripod. Next, pick an astrological target, aim the telescope at the target and center the object by moving the telescope up or down.

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How Do You Use a Meade Telescope?
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Locating a dark site away from streetlights or any other sources of light pollution makes viewing objects through the telescope easier. This is because artificial light reduces the contrast of the night sky. After finding a comfortable height for the tripod legs, tighten the locking screws on each leg. Proceed to stand the tripod upright.

To attach the telescope to the tripod, slide the telescope's mounting bracket into the tripod's mount. Then, tighten the locking screws on the mount to secure the telescope. The moon is a good target to start off with because of its size in the night sky. To focus on a target, look at it through the telescope's finder. The object can be centered by moving the telescope up, down, left or right.

If viewing an object at low magnification is desired, insert a low-power eyepiece into the focuser. Conversely, insert a medium- or high-power eyepiece into the focuser for viewing objects at a higher magnification.

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