How Do You Use Dye to Detect a Pool Leak?


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It is possible to detect a pool leak by buying a leak-locating dye products and using it near a suspected leak site. Pool supply companies sell leak detection dye products that come with concentrated dye inside a special syringe.

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When pool water needs replacement often, it can be a sign of leaks in the pool. It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact location of leaks, but a leak detection dye tester can find these leaks, which must then be repaired. Dye testing products are syringes that contain dye and also have an attached long needle/nozzle for the accurate placement of dye near leaks. These dye testers may be utilized near hydrostatic valves, fittings, cracks or tears in liners.

  1. Prepare the pool for the dye test
  2. Ensure that the pool is filled to its normal capacity level and turn off the pump. Make sure that the pool is also clean and free of any debris or dirt that may plug up any leaks.

  3. Locate the leaks
  4. Use the syringe to squirt a few drops of the dye about an inch away from the suspected leak. Observe if the dye simply floats in the water or is pulled into the leak, which indicates a leak at that location. Repeat the procedure if there are more suspected leaks in the pool.

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